About Alco

About Alco


Welcome to our corporate timeline, where you’ll explore the key moments that have shaped our path to success. From our modest beginnings to our global expansion, this timeline captures our dedication, innovation, and outstanding achievements over the years. Get ready to discover how we have evolved and left a lasting mark on our industry.

Founded In Medellin
  • El Poblado neighborhood
  • Distribution of LEHENER products
Guayabal facilities
  • Beginning of production of our own products
  • ALUMINA Systems
- FUNDACIÓN EN MEDELLÍN- Barrio El Poblado- Distribución de productos de industria LEHENER - Sede Guayabal- Comienzo de producción y comercialziación de nuestros productos- Sistemas ALUMINIA 1984 1994 2003 2006 -2007 2008 - Sede Envigado- Almacenes de : Perfiles, vidrios y accesorios- Fuerza de ventas- Automatización corte de vidrio- Automatización corte de perfiles Construcciónsede propia- En Sabaneta 1986 -Inicio distribución en Bogotá- Internacionalización de productos- Registro de marca- Venta en grandes superficies- Ventanas exclusivas 1998 - 2002 -ALCO S.A.- Traslado sede sabaneta- Mejora en las oficinas administrativas- Mejora línea de producción -Construcción de:- Planta de vidrio templado- Planta de pintura - Actualización equipos- Certificación del sistema de gestión 2004 2011 -CNC- Modernización de maquinaría por CNC(Control numérico porcomputador) 2018 -CNC- Creación gobierno corporativo 2014 - Certificación- Calidad de vidrio templado 2021 - Sede Bogotá - Inicio planta de ensamble en Bogotá- Modernización planta de pinturas- Ampliación almacenamiento de materias primas 2022 -Creación de ALCO SERVICIOS DE CONSTRUCCIÓN- Encargado de instalaciones VT
Envigado facilities
  • Warehouses for:
    Profiles, glass and accessories
  • Sales team
  • Automatization of glass cutting
  • Profiles cutting automatization
1998 - 2002
Entry to the Bogotá Market
  • First
  • Mark registration
  • Sales in retail stores
  • Own designs
Construction current plant
  • Located in Sabaneta
  • Relocation to new facilities
  • Improvement of offices
  • Improvements in production line.
2006 -2007
Construction of:
  • Tempered glass plant
  • Electrostatic painting plant
Machinery update
  • ISO Certification
  • Modernization of
  • Tempered glass certification
  • Creation of corporate governance policies
Bogotá additional facility
  • Assembly plant
  • Modernization painting production line
  • Increase of raw materials warehouse
  • Installation services



Design, manufacture and install enclosures and glazed structures in the national and international market, making a difference with compliance with technical standards, customer service, personalized attention and the integral development of our human group.


By 2025 turn our company into the best alternative in the market in systems of enclosures and glazed structures, recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of our products, highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art technology.



Main headquarters in Sabaneta: It has an approximate area of 10,000m2 where the administrative, technical, commercial and productive unit is located. It supports its operation in different cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the quality of products and services.

Bogotá Headquarters: Its commercial and productive unit has an area of 2,500m2 arranged for the process of assembly, packaging and distribution of products.

About Alco Corporate Governance

In an environment where transparency, accountability, and corporate ethics are more important than ever, understanding and applying the principles of good governance is fundamental for the success and sustainability of ALCO S.A.S.

Quality Policy

To achieve the permanence and corporate image based on stakeholder satisfaction, timely attention to their needs, and trust in our organization; with excellent quality products and competitive prices to achieve profitability, supported by highly committed personnel seeking continuous improvement.

OSH Policy

INDUSTRIAS DE ALUMINIO ARQUITECTÓNICO Y VENTANERÍA ALCO S.A.S. is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of glazed solutions, structures, and assemblies, including curtain walls. Within its corporate scope, it is committed to creating a healthy and safe work environment in order to control and mitigate risks that may endanger the physical integrity, health, and lives of its employees, as well as to preserve and ensure the proper functioning of the company’s assets, in a continuous process of process improvement and environmental protection


Within our organization, we have recognized the importance of risk management in our operational and administrative processes. Therefore, we have implemented the Comprehensive Risk Management and Self-Control System for ML/FT/CFP – SAGRILAFT, following the criteria and regulatory duties defined by External Basic Circular 100-000016 of December 24, 2020, from the Superintendence of Companies. Our goal is to foster a culture of awareness and sensitivity among all employees and stakeholders who have a contractual relationship with ALCO S.A.S., with the aim of preventing involvement in ML/FT crimes.

Corporate Ethics Policy

The Corporate Ethics Policy (PTEE) of ALCO is intended to provide a formal statement of our commitment to acting based on transparency and ethics, the rejection of dishonest behaviors that challenge our values, and the implementation of prevention and control mechanisms with different stakeholders. We strictly adhere to the legal and regulatory provisions established in Law 1778 of 2016 and Resolution No. 100-006261 of 2020 from the Superintendence of Companies.

Data Protection Policy

INDUSTRIAS DE ALUMINIO ARQUITECTONICO Y VENTANERIA S.A.S. ALCO S.A.S., a company domiciled in Sabaneta (Antioquia), identified with NIT 811029147-2, located at Carrera 48 A No. 57 SUR 30, is a company committed and responsible for the privacy and security of Personal Data of its USERS AND CUSTOMERS, in accordance with the terms of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013. In this regard, the following ‘PRIVACY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY’ has been adopted, in which USERS AND CUSTOMERS can learn about the procedure for the collection, storage, and processing of Personal Data that enter our databases, as well as the rights, guarantees, and procedures to exercise them.

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